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Each weekend we gather as family and friends to encourage and inspire each other in the faith. We understand that schedules are busy, so you can join us on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

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We strive to help you discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. In addition to our Sunday gatherings, we offer classes designed to help you grow in your faith and relationships.

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Life Groups are small group communities that do life together. We feature various Life Groups that you can be a part of at multiple locations across the westside of Oahu.

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Learn helpful bible study methods, find daily scriptures online, worship music playlists, and the latest apps to to help increase your faith.

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by sr. pastor glenn yamaguchi

Dear Ohara, 

There are things that you do that you dream about.  Maybe you’ve never done it, but you’ve seen others who have, and you can imagine how great it is.   You win the championship.  You start the company.  You get married.   You travel or have some experience.  Those are empowering moments in life.   They live with you for a long time, maybe always.   

And there are things you do that you are dreading.  You may not have experienced it, but you’ve seen others do it and you don’t want to go through it.  Getting your wisdom teeth pulled.  Losing a job.  Going through a bad break up.    Nobody looks forward to times like those, but you prepare the best you can and you just do it. 

The last couple days I’ve done the later.  Of course, I’m not the first to go through it.  Of course, people recover from it.  I’ve seen so many friends go through it before, but it’s different when it’s you.  I sent my first child to college, away from home, across the ocean.  You tell yourself it’s good for them, they’ll grow up doing it, it’ll be a great experience.   Beyond the academics they’ll grow, become more resourceful (no car, no family, first time to the area).  And those things are true, but it’s hard, sad, and scary.   

I dropped him off at his wrestling practice, along with his friend and team mate.  The school semester hasn’t started, but training has.   Their apartment isn’t ready yet, so with as much stuff as we could cram in a small rental car we transferred it all to his coaches car who will house them till their apartment is ready.   Then conditioning started on the track to start practice.  And I simply had to drive away.  To be honest I didn’t want to.  I stood there and prayed for him for a while.   Somehow there was a lot of dust in my eyes, it must have been from the rubber track.   

But maybe it’s not just them that has to grow through it.  Maybe it’s us, maybe it’s me.  I have to release and entrust people and situations to the God who knew him before he was born.  I need to trust that He is able to lead and guide then.  I need to trust that despite the fact that he is no longer in my view, he’s going to be well taken care of, he’ll thrive, he’ll do well.   I think I’m learning that sometimes when my presence isn’t possible, or even enough, my prayers will be more necessary and vital.   I’ll pray him through it, and I’ll pray me through it.   

 3  Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD; his going out is sure as the dawn; he will

come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.”   Hosea 6:3 (ESV)

If you have little ones at home, or bigger ones who you wonder when they’ll stop acting like little ones; love them the best you can, help them to be equipped for life, create the best memories you can, because even when it’s hard or it seems like it’ll never end, it will.  

I’m not sure where you are in this season of life, whether you’re living your dream or facing what you’ve dreaded.  Probably most of us are somewhere in the middle.  I’m praying God is enough, you see his goodness, you know his faithfulness, and you rely on and experience his love and power.   Let’s keeping pressing into Him. 

Growing with you.  


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