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Each weekend we gather as family and friends to encourage and inspire each other in the faith. We understand that schedules are busy, so you can join us on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

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We strive to help you discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. In addition to our Sunday gatherings, we offer classes designed to help you grow in your faith and relationships.

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weekly life groups

Life Groups are small group communities that do life together. We feature various Life Groups that you can be a part of at multiple locations across the westside of Oahu.

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bible study tools & apps

Learn helpful bible study methods, find daily scriptures online, worship music playlists, and the latest apps to to help increase your faith.

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nhk connecting point: take a step closer


by sr. pastor glenn yamaguchi

Dear Ohana,

I am proud of so many of you who undertook the season of 21 Days of Prayer and fasting to lay aside the comforts of life in some way to detox from the world and to pursue God for 2019.  We have heard some great news of things that have happened, prayers were answered, clarity was given, doors were opened, a closer walk experienced, but not necessarily during that time.

Be open and aware that sometimes the things that are sown during a fast germinate and sprout after the fast.  Keep on praying and watching for how God will move and answer you. If God has answered you or moved as a result of how you loosened the grip of the world in your life and pressed into God, I’d love to hear your story. Please email your story at – big or small, let’s give God the glory, and we’d love to rejoice with you!     

In the same way, the good deeds of some people are obvious. And the good deedsdone in secret will someday come to light.  
1 Timothy 5:25 (NLT2)

Not long ago a few of us were at an outside event in the evening.   As we were walking to a table, a roach flew onto the shoulder of the friend who was walking in front of me.  I quickly reached out and brushed it off. My friend turned around and gave me the look of “what was that about?”  “Just a roach flew onto your shoulder” I replied. His reaction of shoulder shrugging and disgust on his face said it all, he was glad it was gone, because he hates roaches.  No more words were needed. I share that because not one of us has eyes that can see everything out there, much less what can fly onto our shoulders from behind. I had his back.  We all need people who have our back and we all need to be people who have the backs of others.

This week is also the beginning of a new semester of Life Groups and Finding Freedom course.  Please take a step to draw closer to God, and the good news is you don’t have to do it alone. This a great time to move toward God in community and strengthen our relationships and sense of unity.  We also begin a new series this month called Better Together, the power of relationships at our Weekend Gatherings. I hope to see you soon.

Because we are better together,


know God.

find freedom.

discover your purpose.

make a difference.

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