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Each weekend we gather as family and friends to encourage and inspire each other in the faith. We understand that schedules are busy, so you can join us on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

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We strive to help you discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. In addition to our Sunday gatherings, we offer classes designed to help you grow in your faith and relationships.

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Life Groups are small group communities that do life together. We feature various Life Groups that you can be a part of at multiple locations across the westside of Oahu.

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Learn helpful bible study methods, find daily scriptures online, worship music playlists, and the latest apps to to help increase your faith.

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nhk connecting point: the strongest savior


by sr. pastor glenn yamaguchi

Dear Ohana,

I hope you were able to worship with us this past Easter.   It was an amazing time to remember Jesus sacrifice and celebrate his resurrection.    Maybe you made it, maybe you didn’t.   But in either case, I have to ask, and then what?   Because Jesus doesn’t invite us to celebrate an event, but he invites us into a life with Him.   I am committed to the path of life with Jesus, not just the event of Christ death and resurrection.  

Because apart from Him it could’ve been a different story.   We could have been stuck in our lives and sin.   All of us have parts of our lives that what we envisioned to be quite different from the realities of our lives.   And that can be a different story as well.   I am reminded of what happens in the book of Joshua as the people of God enter the promised land.   

Not a single one of all the good promises the LORD had given to the family of Israel was left unfulfilled; everything he had spoken came true.   Joshua 21:45 (NLT2)

What an awesome statement, not one of all the good promises the Lord made to them failed!  But if you had read Joshua 20 -21, you would have read that the Israelites did not take all the places they were supposed to and they lived among the Philistines.   Somehow people went from taking the land they were supposed to, to taking most of the land they were supposed to, to taking a little bit of the land they were supposed to.    There seems to be a huge gap between God’s promises and people’s experiences. 

How do we square that with the summary statement of Joshua 21:45?  God fulfills his promise, but sometimes our lives look so little like the victory and provision God has for us.   Why?   It is not that God doesn’t fulfill his promises (though there are seasons where God’s timing isn’t my timing), in the end God always fulfills his promises.   

But perhaps we are not stepping into those places where God has commanded us to go and believe Him.    God told Joshua in the beginning of the book:

I promise you what I promised Moses: ‘Wherever you set foot, you will be on land I have given you Joshua 1:3 (NLT2)

If we don’t step into places, God can’t give them to us.   So often when we find ourselves in different places than we imagined, we don’t simply need to fix the problem, but change our direction.    We need to step into places that sometimes are resistant, difficult, or not done yet.   We trust that as we press into those places he will be with us and grant us what he has given to us.  We also need to step into those situations in God’s ways.  The generation before us cannot give us what it has done, we must step into the places God is calling us to.   And it helps to know what he promises and what he doesn’t!

Where is God calling you to step into believing he has given it to you?  Have you stepped into those rocky areas God is leading you through?  Places in our relationships?  Places we need to go to fulfill our destiny?   Sometimes we feel as though God is waiting on us, but perhaps God is waiting on us.  Let’s step into God’s best together. 

 Stirring Courage to Step into God’s Best,


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